Thoughts on Fall

By on Sep 25, 2016 in Autumn, Holidays, Musings | 0 comments

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autumn-rainSummer is technically behind us which makes me kind of sad. I love going barefoot, wearing light clothing, swimming, cooking out, and doing all the summery things that summer brings. The arrival of fall harbingers stuff that I don’t find particularly appealing- like sweaters, rain and the approach of the holidays. I am weird, I know. Everyone loves the holidays, right? Well, I really don’t. Thanksgiving is not so bad because we come together as a family and share a meal. But that meal is a lot of work and I find it stressful to get everything ready at the same time and at the right temperature. I prefer our summer get-togethers where the food is casual and the outdoors is the appropriate venue. Christmas is a problem for me because I think the emphasis on gift giving is just wrong. I really would prefer to buy for the little ones only and use the rest of the money to support homeless causes. Rain bugs me because I have two dogs and they track in all sorts of wetness and yard detritus. And I just don’t like sweaters.

I think I am just in a bad mood and should quit posting.

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