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By on May 29, 2016 in Dogs, Musings, Pets | 0 comments

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Winnie & MowgliI just took our two dachshunds, Winnie and Mowgli, to the vet for their annual checkups. As soon as we drove into the parking lot, they recognized the smell of the veterinarian’s office and tried to slink under the car seats. It didn’t work though, and once inside, both dogs were examined by our vet, Dr. Jeff, who praised us for Mowgli’s perfect weight and just sighed when he saw that twelve year old Winnie had gained another pound. Both dogs got blood draws to check for Parvo and heartworm, then Dr. Jeff collected stool samples for occult blood and parasitic screening before giving them shots for Rabies and Bordetella. My poor puppies looked plaintively at me to see if we were done and could go home, but alas, I am squeamish about trimming their nails, and I certainly cannot express anal glands, so they had to endure that too. The tab for this was over four hundred dollars. I think it’s worth every penny, but I don’t think the dogs agree. Wait until they find out that next month they are getting their teeth cleaned.

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