Shame On You, Dan Patrick – A Rant

By on Jul 9, 2016 in Musings, Politicians, Politics | 0 comments

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Once again I am compelled to wax political. In the wake of the recent police shootings in Dallas, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick thought the appropriate response was to blame the peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters for the violence. He went on to call them ‘hypocrites’ for running when the shots rang out. I did not like Dan Patrick’s platform when he ran for office, and I did not vote for him. I really did not like him calling for the resignation of the FWISD superintendent, Kent Scribner, over the district’s policy regarding transgender bathroom accommodations. But I loathe this insensitive, bigoted man after what he said about the Dallas shootings. He does not represent me, and I am certain he does not represent the views and attitudes of most Texans. I, for one, think the people of Texas should call for his resignation. He clearly lacks good judgement, he is insensitive to the reality that our black brothers and sisters face every day, and he seems to have an agenda to keep people agitated and apart rather than trying to bring us together as a Dan Patrickleader and statesman should.

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