Support Our Vets

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I just took our two dachshunds, Winnie and Mowgli, to the vet for their annual checkups. As soon as we drove into the parking lot, they recognized the smell of the veterinarian’s office and tried to slink under the car seats. It didn’t work though, and once inside, both dogs were examined by our vet, Dr. Jeff, who praised us for Mowgli’s perfect weight and just sighed when he saw that twelve year old Winnie had gained another pound. Both dogs got blood draws to check for Parvo and heartworm, then Dr. Jeff collected stool samples for occult blood and parasitic screening before giving them shots for Rabies and Bordetella. My poor puppies looked plaintively at me to see if we were done and could go home, but alas, I am squeamish about trimming their nails, and I certainly cannot express anal glands, so they had to endure that too. The tab for this was over four hundred dollars. I think...

The Cone of Shame

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Gary and I adopted our black and tan male dachshund in 2013. He had lived with a lady who let him do pretty much whatever he wanted, so he was a wild thing. Most of his bad boy behaviors were fairly easy to redirect, but one was not. He’s a marker and would hike his leg on any vertical object, indoor or out. As he was in tact, we were advised that neutering would be beneficial in his training. So, we carried him off to Dr. Jeff, posthaste. After his surgery, Mowgli was determined to lick the surgical area. We tried various methods of deterring him, but he is a resolute little dog. There was no option – the cone of shame had to be employed. He didn’t like it at all, and he was so happy the day we removed it. He ran joyfully around the kitchen then strode into the living room and hiked his leg on the couch...