It’s A God Thing

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I worked for years in senior living and one of my favorite activities was helping my residents write their life stories down for their families. One day a new resident named Ruth joined the group. She told us she had been a twin and that both she and her deceased sister were accomplished artists. She showed us some of her work – lovely paintings of landscapes and still life. She said her sister Hope had lived in San Diego, but unlike Ruth, Hope painted very contemporary abstract works and collages. I asked what her sister’s last name was. “Wilts,” she said.  This struck a chord as I had purchased a box lot of contemporary paintings at an estate sale a few years back. “You may not believe this, but I think I have quite a number of your sister’s paintings.” She did not believe it. There was no reason for Hope’s work to have been at an estate sale in Fort Worth. When I got...

Self(ie) Loathing

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How is it that almost everyone in the world except me can take selfies and actually look good in them? I have tried every angle imaginable, but I always end up looking like a prime candidate for the Texas State Home for the Bewildered. Is there a tutorial? I tried a selfie stick, but it didn’t work for me. I just looked like a smaller dementia victim. Then I dropped my...

‘New’ Car

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I’m a practical person, not the type to want a new car every three to five years. In fact, when my mother-in-law passed away in 2005, I purchased her 1999 Buick from the estate. It was a great car with super low mileage and a history of having been garaged its whole life. I enjoyed driving it for many years until, in 2014, I was seduced by another ‘gently-owned by a senior’ vehicle – a 2006 Kia Amanti. The owner, one of our residents, had passed away and the family only wanted $5,000 for the car, which was in beautiful condition. The Buick still ran great so I was not sure I should buy the Kia, but my wanton desire for a newer car won the day. So now, I sport around in a ten year old new car instead of a seventeen year old one. Sweet!...