Thoughts on Fall

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Summer is technically behind us which makes me kind of sad. I love going barefoot, wearing light clothing, swimming, cooking out, and doing all the summery things that summer brings. The arrival of fall harbingers stuff that I don’t find particularly appealing- like sweaters, rain and the approach of the holidays. I am weird, I know. Everyone loves the holidays, right? Well, I really don’t. Thanksgiving is not so bad because we come together as a family and share a meal. But that meal is a lot of work and I find it stressful to get everything ready at the same time and at the right temperature. I prefer our summer get-togethers where the food is casual and the outdoors is the appropriate venue. Christmas is a problem for me because I think the emphasis on gift giving is just wrong. I really would prefer to buy for the little ones only and use the rest of the money to...

Independence Day

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The Fourth of July is traditionally a day when flag waving, sparkler wielding revelers down scads of hotdogs, hamburgers, and baked beans along with coleslaw, potato salad and gallons of beer and lemonade. Once darkness descends, the fireworks start and a myriad of “oohs” and “aahs” accompany the glittering explosions in the sky. This is how America celebrates her independence, and I have always loved this particular holiday. This year is especially meaningful to me as I celebrate the first anniversary of my retirement. What a wonderful year it has been. I wake up at the crack of eight, free to do pretty much as I please each day. Now, that’s what I call an Independence...

Me Old? Nah.

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I remember listening to the Beatles sing “When I’m Sixty-Four” when I was a teenager and thinking what a long time it would be before I would be that old. Really? It seems no time at all since I was sixteen – at least to me. But just a few days ago, I turned, not sixty-four, but an mind blowing sixty-five. I realize that at this esteemed point in my life there are some things I should probably no longer attempt – like rearranging all the furniture without help or bending over and coming back up too quickly. But for the most part, I feel really good, and I wouldn’t hesitate to have a go at most things. That’s the beauty of living in America. Anything is still...