A Matter of Temperment

By on Sep 28, 2016 in Politicians, Politics | 0 comments

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trump-clintonThe first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is now behind us. It occurs to me that the millions of Americans who watched the debate did so with the thought in mind that one of these two persons will no doubt become the new leader of our country. We watched and tried to predict who might better represent us and improve our personal circumstance. We saw Hillary prepared, composed and unflappable, answering questions appropriately and respectfully observing the rules of the debate. Conversely, Donald was unprepared, bombastic and extremely rude. He shouted over Hillary during her time to speak and once again took a cheap shot at a woman. Then I think of the world beyond our borders. I try to imagine how people in other countries feel watching the debate. To them, the next American president is not just the leader of the United States. He or she is the leader of the free world. He or she has the welfare of the entire planet in their hands. To them, the temperament of our president is far more important that it may seem to us at home. Their welfare – their very survival may depend on this person. I’ll bet they wish they could vote. I think I know who they would pick.

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